Ricardo F. dos Santos, PhD


Molecular Biologist formal background with professional experience as Data Scientist & Programmer.
Expert in data analysis, bioinformatics & next generation sequencing.

Advanced Data Scientist at Capgemini Engineering
Co-Founder & CEO of Neomic

10-years R&D experience in Life Sciences
6-years professional experience in Bioinformatics
2-years experience in Machine-learning & Data Engineering

  • Birthday: 11 May 1989
  • Phone: +351 93 303 54 78
  • Email: ricardofilipecdsantos@gmail.com


I have attracted over €240k in R&D funding as a Co-Principal Investigator.
I have Co-supervised 2 PhD students, 2 MSc students and multiple research fellows.
I have also Co-led small teams of 3-5 people during 3 different R&D projects.


5 as 1st-author
7 h-index
7.4 personal impact factor


Over €240,000 in R&D funding


7 in international conferences

Awards & Honors

Highlighted research in EMBO Journal
Selected talk at 44th FEBS congress in Krakow, PL
Best talk at 9th ITQB NOVA PhD Students' Meeting


I have a working knowledge on various data science frameworks. I have been performing exploratory data analysis, data cleaning, data mining & statistical analysis for 8+ years. I have built Machine-learning models for biomedical applications.

Bash 90%
R 85%
Python 95%
Rust 50%
SQL 75%
Scikit-learn 80%
Tnesorflow 60%
Pandas/Numpy 85%
Google Cloud Platform & BigQuery 70%
Apache Ariflow 75%


I have a formal background in Life Sciences.
Extensive knowledge in Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing approaches. Working experience in Data Science and Machine-learning projects.
My profile makes an excellent asset for any data-driven project with biomedical, biotechnological or life sciences applications.

Professional Experience

Advanced Data Scientist

July 2022 - Present

Capgemini Engineering (capgemini-engineering.com)

  • Data Science & Engineering for Healthcare & Pharma industries.
  • ETL pipeline development and maintenance.
  • Business analyst.

Co-Founder & CEO

February 2022 - Present

Neomic (neomic.eu)

  • Driving force behind the creation of Neomic, a bioinformatics and software company.
  • Business development.
  • Selected for AINanoTEC accelerator program 2022 (2nd Ed.).

Postdoctoral researcher (ERC funded)

October 2020 - Present

Chronic Disease Research Centre (NMS), Lisboa

  • Co-Principal Investigator in a 2021 FCT funded project to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in terminal neuronal differentiation.
  • Lead in project using Machine-learning & Bioinformatics to discover new long non-coding RNAs regulating Drosophila melanogaster Neural Stem Cells.
  • Lead in project set out to find functional non-coding RNAs involved in brain tumorigenesis.
  • Responsible for lab's IT infrastructure.

Postdoctoral researcher (FCT funded)

April 2019 - October 2020

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies (NOVA), Oeiras

  • Lead in project focused on the molecular mechanisms of host-pathogen interactions of the human pathogen Listeria monocytogenes.
  • Responsible for lab's Website maintenance.
  • Co-supervised a team of 5 researchers, including 2 PhD Students.

Research fellow (Horizon 2020 funded)

January 2019 - April 2019

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies (NOVA), Oeiras

  • Integrated a systems biology project set out to reprogram and control Pseudomonas putida for biocatlysis.

PhD Student (FCT funded)

January 2015 - December 2018

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies (NOVA), Oeiras

  • Co-lead in project investigating functional RNAs and RNA-binding proteins involved in bacterial ribosome biogenesis.
  • Lead Bioinformatician and Data Analyist handling multiple NGS data.
  • Responsible for lab's IT infrastructure.


Advance Course in NGS Bioinformatics


Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton

Ph. Doctorate in Molecular Biosciences

2015 - 2018

Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies (NOVA), Oeiras

Master in Medical Microbiology

2011 - 2013

NOVA School of Science & Technology (NOVA), Caparica

Postgraduate in Forensic Sciences & Technologies


Lisbon School of Health & Technology, Moscavide

BSc in Cellular & Molecular Biology

2007 - 2011

NOVA School of Science & Technology (NOVA), Caparica


Data Science & A.I.

Working experience in various Data Science and Machine-learning techniques.

> Data mining and data cleaning of biodata

> M.L. model building, testing & feature engineering

> Statistical analysis and performance

> ETL pipelines and Databases


Proficiency in Bioinformatics and high-level programming.

> Multiple NGS datasets: RNA-seq, scRNA-seq, WGS, ...

> Build, test & deploy pipelines/programs

> Scripting in Bash, Python & R

> Docker & Git

Nucleic Acid Research

Extensive expertise in RNA-based methods, interaction assays and genetic cloning.

> RNA-RNA/DNA/Protein Interaction Assays

> In vivo, ex vivo, in vitro & in silico RNA studies

> Radioactive RNA detection

> single-molecule Fluorescent In-Situ Hybridization

> Discovery of functional RNAs from NGS